A Coated Girl (2013) - Remastered

by Perfectparachutepicture

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'A Coated Girl' and b-side 'Cage For a Brain' written and originally recorded on a 4-track recorder, in 2012.
Later released in 2013.

'Re-mastered' and re-released in early 2014.


released November 3, 2012

Re-Mastered by William Stocks of Junior Park Studio, UK.

© Perfectparachutepicture - est 2012
All music and lyrics written by Perfectparachutepicture



all rights reserved
Track Name: A Coated Girl
There's a coated girl and i can see her shadow,
And the light reflects on her place,
She's stood right beneath me in a glass shade.

And i'm trapped in an hourglass,
Would someone pass me the hammer,
And i will show you the real life,
It's right in front of our eyes.
Track Name: Cage For a Brain
The first time i flew, i could not believe my eyes,
The truth is i broke my leg when i fell from my own mind,
And playing catch with a pin pulled grenade wasn't my best idea,
And my idiotic ways weren't my best feature either.

Telling lies won't get you anywhere,
You make your luck and truth doesn't prove anything today,
Time will tell anyway.

Im always in the lead because i never sleep